• Gabriella

Wedding Story: Naomi + Fredi

Naomi and Fredi got married in Dar Sabra Hotel in Marrakech. Their wedding was bohemian-themed. Their colour was dusty hues. They are a very quiet young Irish-Nigerian couple. They had their traditional wedding in Cork, Ireland.

Dar Sabra Hotel was a perfect choice for Naomi and Fredi because it was a private estate with a home away from home feel. It was an unexpected, quaint hotel with a hidden rooftop. The hotel's colours fit the theme of their wedding. The decor was minimal because not much was needed to give the aura that they wanted. They had about forty guests as it was a very intimate ceremony.

The food was a mix of Morrocan and Intercontinental. It was a three-course meal that came as a package with the hotel booking. Naomi and Fredi chose us because we planned Fredi's sister's wedding a while back. They had fire jugglers at their wedding which brought the flair to the after-party. Their wedding was a dream, to say the least.

It was honestly marvellous. Thank you Naomi and Fredi for trusting us with your event. We hope it was truly a flair to remember. We can make your event one to remember as well. Send us an email at info@aflairtoremember.co.uk

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