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Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Leading up to your wedding day, there will be a number of Do’s and Don’ts that you will come across. Although a majority of them are people’s personal opinions; some of them are really helpful tips that can save your wedding. Here are some of our Do’s and Don’ts:


The most important thing to do is to hire a wedding planner, trust me you won’t ever regret it. Having a wedding planner will relieve you from a lot of pre-wedding and on the day stress. You definitely do not want to stress on your wedding day.

Another thing to do would be to have a budget. Know what you want to spend for each service being provided. You do not want to end up paying for a service or something you didn’t need and then end up not using it or throwing it out.

Third thing would be to schedule ample time for pictures and videos after the ceremony. Usually this is the job of the planner, just inform them of how much time you want for the pictures. You do not want to rush to the reception and then find out later that you didn’t get enough pictures with your friends and family. Remember pictures are memories too.

One more thing to do is to enjoy your day. It’s your day. One day out of your entire lifetime, so take some time to bask in the moment and the exhilarating feeling of getting married.


The first thing you should not do is break your budget. It’s a budget for a reason; to keep you and your money in check, to prevent overspending and impulse spending. Our advice is that if you have paid all your vendors and have money left over then you can do some impulse buying. Remember the more guests you have, the more money you’ll have to spend.

Next thing to not do is rush your planning or planner. Our advice is to start planning anytime from nine months before the day. It gives you enough time to book all your vendors and pay for all the services needed. It also gives you enough time to decide what you want or change your mind on some decor or food choices.

Following that, you absolutely do not want to rush the on-the-day schedule. If you are running behind schedule; that's okay do not try to rush the wedding planner or the vendors; you do not want them to mess up your big day. Do not get angry or pissed at anyone for taking time.

Finally, do not forget to eat before the ceremony starts. You don’t want your tummy grumbling while saying your vows. It might seem like it won’t be long, but it’s a long way till the reception!

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