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Top 5 Places for Destination Weddings

You’re looking for somewhere remote and cosy to celebrate your special day with family and friends? Or somewhere with a romantic getaway feel? Here are some 5 places to get hitched; in no particular order.

1. Italy

Italy is a very popular place for couples looking to get married in a historical setting. From Cathedrals and Castles in Tuscany to the scenery and the wine in Amalfi coast to the culture and delicious food in Sicily. Italy has the spectacular romantic vibe and is definitely a place to consider taking the plunge. One venue we would recommend is Relais Sassa el Sole in Tuscany.

2. Greece

If you’re looking to have an outdoor wedding; then Greece is your destination. With a variety of cities to choose from; Santorini, Crete, Mykonos e.t.c. The amorous feeling is all over the country. Greece can double as a honeymoon destination to save some flight money. Not to forget the lifestyle, food and amazing tourist sites. Our venue recommendation in Santorini is Rocabella hotel. It is breathtaking.

3. Morocco

This country is getting popular for intimate wedding ceremonies. Although the country is ancient it has a contemporary ambience. Marrakech is a lovely city that would be perfect for a private alfresco ceremony. Morocco is the perfect exotic location to walk down the aisle.

A venue we would recommend is Dar Sabra Hotel in Marrakech. One word; Stunning!

4. Mexico

Beach, sunset, perfect weather and amour. It doesn’t get better than this in Mexico. Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations for your marriage ceremony. Not to forget the delectable food and numerous recreational activities that you and your guests can participate in pre or post wedding. Royalton Riviera in Cancun.

5. Dominican Republic

This gorgeous country seems to be where everyone wants to get married lately. The scenery, the beaches, the culture, the food all amazing. A beach wedding is a must-have if you want to get married here. It has a very modern rustic ambiance, plus it’s relatively cheaper than the UK. The Westin Punta Cana Resort is a top pick for us in Dominican Republic.

We plan destination weddings too, anywhere you want to go we’re available. Send us an email at info@aflairtoremember.co.uk

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